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1 Pack Volkl Cyclone 16g/1.30mm Tennis Racquet Strings - Neon Yellow

1 Pack Volkl Cyclone 16g/1.30mm Tennis Racquet Strings - Neon Yellow

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Völkl tennis is the chosen brand for many current top international tennis players and well as the historical choice for world famous players John McEnroe, Borris Becker, Peter Korda, Yannick Noah, Matts Wilander and many more

Völkl has been powered by German engineering since 1923............ That's almost 100 years of excellent service

Völkl Cyclone tennis string is one of the leading Co-polymer monofilament strings available in a crowded polymer string market

Völkl Cyclone tennis is one of the most popular tennis strings on the market today and is widely popular for its high performance playability with unparalleled flexibility and extreme resistance that maximizes spin playing characteristics

The string is very durable and has been designed by Völkl with hard hitting string breakers in mind

Cyclone answers to the specific needs of competition players, thanks to the revolutionary string construction created by Völkl. The result is a high-performance string with unparalleled flexibility, extreme resistance that maximizes ball spin, made for string breakers, maximized durability and tension maintenance

Völkl Cyclone rates very highly in terms of durability and control with a textured surface, spin potential is high as well which is why it is such a popular choice with good tennis players around the world today

Völkl Cyclone tennis string is a polyester based durable string designed to meet the needs of good club players through to the top tournament players on the world circuit

Völkl Cyclone is a gear shaped string which enhances spin but does not compromise ball speed, control and durability

Cyclone is a high quality co-polymer string and is exceptional good value for money

The Völkl Cyclone is a monofilament Soft co-polymer string with good tension maintenance

Great value for money string and good choice for those who like to hit heavy spin


Cyclone is very good for tension maintenance and this gives increased string life and thus better value for money. This increases the number of playing hours before you need to restring your racket again

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