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EKKIO Adjustable Ergonomic Office Kneeling Chair (Black)

EKKIO Adjustable Ergonomic Office Kneeling Chair (Black)

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Robust Construction for Endurance: The chair boasts a rugged construction designed to endure substantial loads. Its sittng surface is crafter from high-strength PVC material, ensuring a durable and resilient foundation. This not only provides a robust sitting experience but also prevents the infiltration of swear, enhancing comdort during prolonged use.

Ergonomic Excellence for Child Health: Engineered to promote optimal child health, the chair prioritizes correcting sitting posture to prevent myopia and hunchback issues. Grounded in the essence of ergonomics, it liberates the spine from unnecessary pressure, fostering the development of correct sitting habits and contributing to the maintenance of good eyesight.

Secure Mobility with Brake Wheels: Enhancing safety and stability, two out of the four wheels on the chair are equipped with brakes. This feature ensures that the chair remains securely in place, preventing unwanted sliding and providing a stable platform for various activities.

Tailored Learning Environment: Facilitating an optimal learning environment, the chair addresses the vital aspect of maintaining an effective distance between the child's sight and the desk during the learning process. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to adjust the chair's height to meet the specific requirements of the child, ensuring a comfortable and conducive setting for learning activities.

Adaptable Height for Personalized Comfort: Acknowledging the dynamic nature of the learning process, the chair provides the ability to adjust its height. This feature allows for the effective customization of the chair's height, ensuring that it aligns with the child's individual preferences and comfort needs. By adapting to the child's evolving requirements, the chair enhances the overall learning experience.

Package Content

1x Levede Kneeling Chair

1x Set Assemble Kits

1x Instruction Manual

  • Brand: EKKIO

  • Colour: Black

  • Materials: Steel, sponge, PVC fabric

  • Product Dimension: 60 x 48 x 50-60cm

  • Product Weight: 8.6kg

  • Packaging Dimension: 69.5 x 48 x 13cm

  • Packaging Weight: 8.9kg

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