EKKIO Wooden Kitchen Playset for Kids (Minimalist) EK-KP-100-MS

EKKIO Wooden Kitchen Playset for Kids (Minimalist) EK-KP-100-MS

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Enjoy and learn with our Ekkio Kitchen Playset. It features a vast array of kitchen toy types of equipment, colorful designs, and toy accessories that will help your kiddos with their cognitive recognition and artistic visualization. Made from high-quality and non-toxic material, rest assured that these sets and accessories are safe and eco-friendly.


High-Quality Material Made of high-quality MDF board, this product ensures sturdiness, durability, and reliability.

Realistic Designs This playset comes with varieties of kitchen toy accessories that are crafted realistically, particularly for enjoyment but also for cognitive recognition of artistic designs, colors, and toy variations.

Non-toxic and Safe to Play Made with eco-friendly materials, it is also both non-toxic and odorless which makes it safe to play and use by children 3 years old and above.

Lightweight and Portable Bring it anywhere, anytime! It is portable and lightweight and can definitely be played in the garden, inside the bedroom, in the sala, and everywhere.


Brand: EKKIO

Material: MDF density board

Product size: 72*25*79cm

Single weight: 9KG

Color box size: 74*13*30cm

Extra Accessories

Microwave oven, storage cabinet, drain tier, clock, faucet, seasoning area, sink, cooktop, gas stove with switch (the switch will make a clicking sound), accessories include (leak spatula, spatula, kitchen knife, seasoning bottle*2 (pepper, salt) pot, pan)

Package Content

1x EKKIO Wooden Kitchen Playset for Kids (Minimalist)

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