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Festiss 2.1m Christmas Trees With Warm LED

Festiss 2.1m Christmas Trees With Warm LED

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Festiss 2.1m Christmas Trees With Warm LED

Christmas is around the corner and you're going to need a tree for Santa to put the presents under! Stunningly realistic, our Festiss Christmas Tree is absolutely breathtaking with its lush and beautiful foliage. Not only does it stand tall and sturdy, but it is also made of robust materials to keep you and your loved ones safe. Simply adorn the branches with exquisite ornaments and enchanting lights, and soon, you will find nothing but a breathtaking sight!
  • Light It Up: With 400 warm LED lights illuminating its branches beautifully, bring a sense of merriment to your home during the holiday season with our Christmas tree.
  • Feels Like A Tree: Our Christmas tree is designed to have a towering height of 2.1 meters, accompanied by dense, leafy branches, giving you the best replication of a natural pine or fir tree.
  • Easy To Assemble: Featuring hinged branches that can be peeled backward and compacted forward, our lightweight tree also comes in sections for easy assembly, dismantling, and storage.
  • Safety Comes First: Made with high-quality PVC branches accompanied by a sturdy metal stand for extra safety. Have peace of mind even when your kids play a game of tag around it.
  • A Creativity Starter: Nothing sparks creativity more than a beautiful Christmas tree waiting to be decorated! Gather your kids together as you brainstorm the colour theme for this year!
  • NOTE: The image is for illustration purpose only
  • Height: 2.1m
  • Tree material: PVC
  • Base material: Metal
  • Bottom maximum diameter: 127cm
  • Base diameter: 45CM
  • Tips Approx: 1300T
  • LED colour: Warm light
  • 400 lights

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