Floofi 118cm Plush Cat Condo Cat Tree Beige

Floofi 118cm Plush Cat Condo Cat Tree Beige

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Floofi 118cm Plush Cat Condo Cat Tree Beige

  • The Ultimate Kitty Playground: This 118cm cat tree is the ultimate haven for your feline friends. It's equipped with a roomy condo, a spacious hammock, a cozy plush top perch, natural sisal covered scratching posts, and even a fluffy dangling ball. It's the perfect place for your frisky kittens to play, jump, and take a well-deserved rest. The round pedal and step-like layout make it a breeze for them to explore every nook and cranny!
  • Comfy Cat-nap Spots: Prepare for the ultimate cat nap experience! Our super large hammock, fixed securely in each corner, is designed to accommodate even the fluffiest of cats. With a length of 51cm and width of 41cm, it's strong enough to support your furry baby, ensuring they have the comfiest snooze spot in town.
  • Exercise Central: Let your cats unleash their inner hunters! The four natural sisal covered posts provide the perfect outlet for them to release their emotions and get their daily claw exercises in. Say goodbye to shredded furniture and hello to happy cats. And don't forget the replaceable fuzzy dangling ball—guaranteed to provide hours of thrilling hunting fun!
  • Quality You Can Trust: We've crafted this activity house with your furry baby's safety and comfort in mind. It's made from soft plush fabric, E1 natural particle boards, and firm sisal wrapped posts. With a strengthened base, it's built to withstand all the bouncing and playtime adventures your cats can dream of. It's a sturdy and reliable castle fit for royalty!
  • Easy-Peasy Assembly: No need to fret about complicated installations. Our activity house comes with all the necessary tools included. With an instruction manual to guide you, you'll have it assembled in no time. It's like a DIY project made simple, so you can focus on the fun with your feline friends!

  • Frame material: E1 Particle wood
  • Cover material: Plush velvet
  • Post material: Natural sisal
  • Overall dimensions: 55 x 45 x 118cm

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