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Floofi Automatic Water Fountain Dispenser And Filter For Pet Cat Dog 1.8L

Floofi Automatic Water Fountain Dispenser And Filter For Pet Cat Dog 1.8L

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Floofi Pet Water Fountain Dispenser 1.8L



  • Dual Modes
    Designed to be customisable, you may opt to choose between the Fountain Mode or the Faucet Mode. Fountain mode increases water oxygen content and refreshes spring water surge mode. Faucet Mode encourages pets to drink more water.

  • Simple and Sufficient
    Made for your convenience, it can hold up to 1.8 L / 61 OZ water so you don't need to replenish water frequently (can store up to 1 week) or worry when there is a power outage.

  • Charcoal Filter
    Prioritising your pet's health, it comes with a replaceable charcoal filter to remove any dirt and debris in the water. The filter is a high-density filter cotton that ensures multiple filtration, which ensures your pet drinks purified water. It is recommended to replace the filter every 2-4weeks.

  • Anti Burning Feature
    When there is no more water in the dispenser, it will automatically cut off electricity to avoid burning.

  • Disclaimer: Recommended use adapter 5V 1A (not included)


  • Type: Water Fountain
  • Material: PS Resin
  • Brand: Floofi
  • Number of Bowl:1
  • Features: Fountain Mode or the Faucet Mode
  • Capacity: 1.8L
  • Color: Clear


  • Pet water Fountain: 1
  • Filter: 1
  • User Guide: 1
  • Pump: 1
  • Faucet Water Outlet: 1
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