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GOMINIMO 3 in 1 Acrylic Wrap Dispenser with Cutter and Labels (Clear) GO-WD-103-SYD

GOMINIMO 3 in 1 Acrylic Wrap Dispenser with Cutter and Labels (Clear) GO-WD-103-SYD

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This Gominimo 3-in-1 Acrylic Wrap Dispenser comes with a built-in slide cutter and sets of labels/stickers so you don't have to worry about labeling their uses. The item is wall-mounted, giving you more space on your kitchen tops for other items and appliances.


Built-in Slide Cutter: Effortlessly and precisely cut your kitchen wrap with the built-in slide cutter, ensuring clean and straight edges.

Wall Mountable: Save countertop space by conveniently mounting the dispenser on your kitchen wall, keeping your wraps easily accessible.

Label Stickers included: Organize your wraps effectively with the included label stickers, making it easy to identify different types of wraps.

1 box 3 slots, keeps the Kitchen drawer neat and tidy The three-slot design allows you to neatly store and organize different types of wraps, minimizing clutter in your kitchen drawer.

Compatible with most brands and 30cm roll Designed to accommodate various wrap brands and sizes, ensuring versatility and convenience in your kitchen.

Superior Quality Eco-Friendly and Sustainable, Durability, and Smoothly Crafted from high-quality acrylic material, this dispenser offers durability, and smooth dispensing, and is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Multi Scene Use: Not limited to the kitchen, this versatile dispenser can be used in various settings, such as offices, craft rooms, or anywhere you need organized storage.

Wrap dispenser with cutter is built with careful consideration to last long The dispenser is thoughtfully constructed to ensure long-lasting performance, providing you with a reliable and durable storage solution.



Colour: Transparent

Material: Acrylic

Size: 7.8*34*22.5CM

Rolls size: Compatible with most brands and 33cm rolls

Package Content

1x acrylic wrap dispenser

3x expansion screws

3x sets of stickers

4x non-slip feet

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