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GOMINIMO 38Pcs Kids Bath Suction Cup Toys Silicone Suction Travel Window

GOMINIMO 38Pcs Kids Bath Suction Cup Toys Silicone Suction Travel Window

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Arbitrary Adsorption: Unique and versatile, these silicone animals offer arbitrary adsorption, allowing creative placement and arrangement for endless fun.

Flexible and Safe Food Silicone: Crafted from safe TPR material, these adorable creatures are not only flexible but also food-grade, ensuring a safe play experience for kids.

Expanding Imagination and Divergent Thinking: Encourage imaginative play and divergent thinking as children explore different ways to use the silicone animals, promoting creativity and cognitive development.

Hands-On Skills and Arm Movements: Designed to enhance hands-on skills and arm movements, the set provides a tactile experience, aiding in the development of fine motor skills in an entertaining manner.

Diverse Animal Set: Unleash a world of fun with a diverse set of animals, including penguins, snails, kings, giraffes, ostriches, elephants, birds, caterpillars, ants, sloths, alpacas, and an antennae, offering a wide range of play possibilities.

  • Includes: Penguin Orange x 4, Snail Blue x 4, Long Nosed King x 4, Giraffe Yellow x 4, Ostrich Red x 3, Elephant Purple x 3, Bird Blue x 3, Caterpillar Green x 3, Ant Purple x 3, Sloth Blue x 3, Alpaca White x 3, Antennae Orange x 1

  • Product Dimension: 14 x 14 x 18cm

  • Product Weight: 0.6kg

  • Packaging Dimension: 14.5 x 14.5 x 18.5cm

  • Packaging Weight: 0.7kg

  • Materials: TPR

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