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GOMINIMO Digital Clock Mirrored Grey

GOMINIMO Digital Clock Mirrored Grey

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GOMINIMO Digital Clock Mirrored Grey
  • Modern Design & Perfect Decor: sleek rectangular that has a mirror display, perfect for your modern interior design
  • Dual Alarm Clock: able to set two alarm, meets your needs of two different time that need to be reminded
  • Small & multifunction: other than a basic alarm clock, it show temperature, 13 alarm ringtone to choose
  • Adjustable Brightness: 3 adjustable brightness to suit your different surrounding
  • Sound detection: the display will light up when you knock the table / sound more than 90 db

  • Size: 65*32*145mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Net weight: 164g
  • Color: Grey
  • Version: English
  • Accessories: power cord, English instructions
  • Function: LED display, memory function, no need to reset after shutdown, Celsius / Fahrenheit switch, 24 hours / 12 hours conversion, three display brightness automatically change with time, can also be manually adjusted in real time (manual adjustment has four gears), a day can set two different groups of alarm, a single group of alarm length of 2 minutes, thirteen soothing music can be selected as an alarm, sleep music to enjoy, music can be selected to continuously Play 5 minutes, alarm volume can be adjusted, voice-activated energy-saving mode, not plugged in will enter the energy-saving mode, after a period of time will automatically turn off the screen, touch snooze function, snooze for 5 minutes

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