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GOMINIMO Foldable Toilet Step Stool with Non-Slip Base (White)

GOMINIMO Foldable Toilet Step Stool with Non-Slip Base (White)

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Integrated Folding Design: The foldable toilet step stool is thoughtfully designed to fold and unfold seamlessly, providing convenience and space-saving storage when not in use. This innovative feature allows it to fit neatly beside the toilet or under the sink, ensuring it won't clutter the bathroom area.

Suitable for Regular Height Individuals: The step stool is designed at an optimal height for regular height individuals, making it comfortable and convenient to use. It facilitates a more natural and relaxed sitting position on the toilet, which can aid in more effective and efficient bowel movements.

Improves Bowel Movements: By encouraging a squatting position while using the toilet, the foldable step stool promotes healthier bowel movements. This posture aligns the rectum properly and reduces the risk of straining, making elimination easier and potentially reducing issues like constipation and hemorrhoids.

Easy to Clean: The stool's smooth and durable surface makes cleaning a breeze. With a quick wipe-down using a mild cleanser, it can be kept hygienic and sanitary for everyday use.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry: The step stool is constructed with lightweight materials, allowing for easy portability. Its non-slip base ensures stability while in use, and its compact, lightweight design makes it simple to move from one bathroom to another or even take it along while traveling.

Package Content

1x Toilet Step Stool

  • Brand: Gominimo

  • Colour: White

  • Materials: PP (Polyporpylene)

  • Weight Capacity: 140kg

  • Product Size: 41cm x 27.5cm x 6cm (Folded Size) 41cm x 27.5cm x 18cm (Unfolded Size)

  • Product Weight: 1.2kg

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