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GOMINIMO Sink Caddy Sponge Holder Brush Soap Dishcloth Holder with Drain Pan (Black)

GOMINIMO Sink Caddy Sponge Holder Brush Soap Dishcloth Holder with Drain Pan (Black)

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  • Two Ways of Freestanding and Wall-Mounted
    Provides customers with the flexibility to choose based on their specific needs and preferences, whether they have limited counter space and prefer a wall-mounted option, or have ample counter space and prefer a freestanding option that can be easily moved around.
  • 4-in-1 Design
    Allows for storage of multiple items in one place, the large capacity can hold more items, and the space-saving features ensure that it doesn't take up too much counter space, making it a must-have for any kitchen or bathroom.
  • Waterproof and Rust-proof
    The waterproof feature ensures that it can withstand exposure to water without damaging or deteriorating, while the rust-proof feature guarantees that it won't rust or corrode over time, ensuring that it will maintain its quality and appearance for years to come.
  • Sponge Holder with Removable Drain Tray
    The removable drain tray allows for easy disposal of any excess water or soap residue, preventing the buildup of bacteria and ensuring a hygienic and clean sink area.
  • Hollow Design & Quick Dry Design
    Prevents the buildup of moisture and mold, ensuring a clean and hygienic sink area.
  • Easy to Assemble
    Ensures that customers can quickly and easily install the holder without any complicated instructions or tools
  • Multifunctional Sink Rack
    Versatile solution for organizing their sink area. It can also be used to store other items such as dish soap, hand soap, and even utensils.


  • Material: carbon steel
  • Color: black
  • Size: 24.5*14.5*22.5cm
  • Partition structure size: 5*9.5*12cm
  • Gross weight: 0.8kg
  • Package size: 27.5*15.5*9.5cm
  • Product features: anti-rust, multi-function
  • Scope of application: kitchen, other
  • Installation method: No tools, no drills, no holes
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