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MIRAKLASS Rangehood Carbon Charcoal Filter Replacement Size 1

MIRAKLASS Rangehood Carbon Charcoal Filter Replacement Size 1

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Air Freshening Capability: This product is designed to keep the air in your kitchen fresh, ensuring a pleasant and odor-free cooking environment. Say goodbye to unwanted cooking smells lingering in your home.

Enhanced Range Hood Lifespan: By using this product, you can significantly prolong the life of your range hood. It acts as a protective barrier, preventing grease and other particles from accumulating and potentially damaging the range hood.

Simple Installation and Replacement: The filter is easy to install and replace, providing a hassle-free experience for users. You can enjoy the benefits of clean air and odor removal with minimal effort.

Premium Activated Charcoal Filter: The premium filter is crafted from quality activated charcoal, ensuring effective absorption and removal of odors. This high-quality material guarantees optimal performance, making it a reliable solution for maintaining a fresh kitchen environment.

Powerful Odor and Smoke Removal: With powerful suction capabilities, this product is designed to efficiently remove smells and smoke caused by cooking. It ensures a clean and healthy atmosphere in your kitchen, making your cooking experience more enjoyable.

Package Content

1x MIRAKLASS Pyramid Rangehood Carbon Filter

  • Brand: MIRAKLASS

  • Color: Black

  • Product Weight: 0.05 kg

  • Material: Activated Carbon

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