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VERPEAK Sport Sunglasses Type 1 (White frame with black end tip)

VERPEAK Sport Sunglasses Type 1 (White frame with black end tip)

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VERPEAK Sport Sunglasses Type 1

  • Durable
    Stylish design with colour combinations of polycarbonate frames and lenses that are scratch resistant, timeless durability.

  • 5 Interchangeable Lens
    Designed with 100% UV400 protection coating, it blocks harmful UVA & UVB Rays. Restores true colour, eliminates reflected light and scattered light, enabling users to feel comfortable in bright places. Our sports glasses come with five interchangeable lenses, the main lens is a colourful coating, yellow is for night activities and a rainy day, gray is recommended for outdoor sports & driving where there is a lot of sunlight as it has the anti-glare function, blue is recommended for water sports, while the transparent lens is to protect eyes from foreign objects.

  • Breathable & Multipurpose
    Tailored for comfort, our sports glasses are breathable. This enables users to wear them for any occasion such as bicycling. driving, running, hiking, or other activities.

  • Extra Accessories
    Our VERPEAK sport sunglasses come with extra accessories such as strap and neck cord.



  • Brand: VERPEAK
  • Color: White Frame with Black End Tip


  • Package Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Package Dimensions: 21 x 13 x 7.7cm
  • Package Content:           
    1 x waterproof glasses box
    1 x glasses pouch
    1 x glasses string
    1 x Rx frame
    1 x cleaning cloth
    4 x Polycarbonate lenses
    1 x Polarized sport glass

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