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VERPEAK Weighted Hula Hoop with 26 Detachable Knots (Pink)

VERPEAK Weighted Hula Hoop with 26 Detachable Knots (Pink)

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Verpeak Weighted Hula Hoops are top-notch and efficient. You can use it indoors and outdoors. The innovative design makes it cool and efficient to use. The hula hoops can be adjusted according to your desired difficulty and also to different waist circumferences.


    People everywhere are turning to the weighted hula hoop for fitness. Hula hooping is a great way to lose weight fast, it's easy, it's entertaining, and you can do it almost anywhere! You can burn calories and having fun at the same time.
    Using our exercise hula hoop, you can take your workout to a higher level by doing all the exercises for traditional fitness hoops and more. This weight hula hoop will get you in shape faster! The innovative design of hoola hoops makes it possible for people with varying fitness levels to work out efficiently.
    Our weighted hoop is one of its kind. Exercise hoop has an innovative design and is precisely manufactured, which makes it different from any other product in this category! These exercise rings are made of a smooth material that won't harm your body, there are no sharp edges and burrs!
    The number of hula hoops can be adjusted according to different waist circumferences.


  • Brand: VERPEAK
  • Color: Pink
  • Outer circumference: 146±2cm
  • Maximum waist circumference: 116±2cm
  • Material: ABS+PVC+PP+Iron sand
  • Packing: blister + kraft carton
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